Miss Hamlet

22 min f.s., spl set. This act played here about one year ago and was a very big hit. This season the character of Hamlet has been changed; the girl now playing the part seems to lack stage experience, figure, etc. which the previous girl possessed. The act went fairly well although it seems to have been let down considerable.

Comedy Four

13 min 1. Male quartette, two men playing straight and two comedians. The singing in very ordinary, and while the comedian got quite a few laughs, they would have pleased much better if they cleaned up a little bit in costume. Went well.

Barry & Layton

13 min in 1. Two men, both natural comedians in a combination of good wholesome fun; little boxing and finish with roller-skating number which got them a big hand closing.

Forest Fire

31 min f.s. spl. Sets. Although there are a few changes in the cast of this act, it evidently did not interfere with its success. The show run late but the audience remained almost intact to the finish.

Sam Mann & Co.

41 min f.s. This philosophical farce presented by Mr. Mann is, without a doubt, one of the best acts of its kind that has played here. He has very capable company and held attention throughout. Went big.

Eddy Duo

Man and woman – 5 min f.s. This act is timed for 7 minutes but did 5 minutes on their Tuesday afternoon opening. They have a very good routine of tricks on a tight wire. Went well.

Ota Gygi & Maryon Vadie

Violiniste and dancing, an unusual combination. Both of the performers are artistic and the act scored a big hit. 16 minutes f.s.

Camilla’s Birds

10 min. Originally scheduled to open the show this act failed to arrive in time and went on in the closing position, a hard spot for this act. It held lots of interest, however and considering the handicap scored solidly. Birds go through a showy routine and the act is attractively staged.

Mme. Doree’s Celebrities

25 min. This is the second showing of this production here and it was just as big a hit as before. Mme. Doree has assembled a group of excellent vocalists and in picturesque costumes presents a series of impressions of operatic stars in famous roles. All the selections are well rendered and it is a high class singing act that will be appreciated by any audience. It was a big hit here.

Four Kasting Kays

9 min. Changed from closing to opening position owing to the failure of an act to arrive on time, this act gave the show a good start. There are three men and a woman, the latter acting as one of the bearers, and one of the men works in comedy make-up. Do the usual casting routine and did very well in this spot.