Fred Warren and Effie Conley

21 minutes (2), special drop. Excellent comedy offering, their material, refreshingly new and original, being productive of plenty of laughter, and the act was hailed with vociferous applause.

Bee Ho Gray & Co.

Pastimes of the West, 13 minutes, full stage. Good novelty act, the lariat skill displayed created much favorable comment and the act in its entirety was very well received at all performances. Unquestionably the best of its kind yet offered here.

Kenneth Casey

“The Vitagraph Boy.” 22 minutes in one. Olio drop. This youngster is very versatile. He opens with a motion picture, which is about three years old – and looks it. But when Casey comes upon the stage, he plays the piano, cornet and violin, sings and dances, and does everyone of them well. Held this spot with credit.

Minnie Allen

12 minutes in one. Special drop. About the same act she gave us on her last visit, with an imitation of Sara Bernhardt singing “Down Among the Sheltering Palms” in French. Good.

Arthur Stone and Marion Hayes

In “Green Goods.” Special drops in two. A good comedy talking in a circus scene, with Stone as a rube. Close with two songs and a dance. A very good comedy act in one.

“The Bride Shop.”

45 min. This is a B.A. Rolfe’s best tabloid musical comedy with scenery brightened up and all the costumes new, making a big flash. Andrew Tombes, principal comedian kept the laughs going from curtain to curtain. Principals show to splendid advantage, supported by a good looking chorus. Comedy and musical numbers scored. Act made a big hit.

Homer Miles & Helen Ray

21 min. Special set. New act called “An Innocent Bystander.” Company of six. A very odd and very good sketch, well written around entirely new theme and well played. Held close attention from start to finish, made a good impression and finished to a strong hand.

Marshall Montgomery

24 min. Ventriloquist. Now uses a woman in his act. Had a regular production, elaborately staged. Plays a piano number after which he eats a meal while holding a conversation with the dummy and the girl. Something new in the vetriloquial [sic] line and scored a hit.

Bee Ho gray and Ada Summerville

Man and woman with horse and colored care taker. High school horse. Bee Ho Gray shows his skill with the lariat and is a fine talker. Act went very good.

Bee Ho Gray

Assisted by Ada Somerville and a beautiful horse, “Onion.” Mr. Gray is one of the best rope throwers we have ever had. The horse does some exceptionally good tricks, besides being a very beautiful animal. The act as a whole is an exceptionally good one, and makes a pleasing closing to a very fine bill. 12 minutes, full stage.