“Patters around on his feet under the impression that he is is dancing” “a number of costume changes” “carries his own scenery with some poor lantern effects.” “His semblance to a woman is close enough to be unpleasent.”

Brothers Melvin

mostly hand to hand work, similar style to the Brothers Bard. Lack sureness and confidence. Need to think up a better style of costume. Their best trick is a double throw to hands.

Matieo and her Congo Girls

“very light negresses who… may almost be taken for white.” costume changes for each song. Poor lighting effects

Ella Gilbert, Lillie Crawford, Jack Reid, Frank Carroll

“a girl and her lover hire a tramp to personate a woman who has answered a matrimonial advertisement and wants to marry the girl’s father.” The storyline “paves the way for the nastiest sort of scene.” Jack reid comes close to some good acting but Frank Carroll is less funny and not original.

Col. Magnus Schultz

Three platforms, one which is fixed, the other two swinging. The three trapeze dogs leap across them. “The other tricks are common place”

Bertie Fowler

Works with an air of assured sucess. Act is a mix of infancy and inebriety

Julian Eltinge

female impersonator. presents healthy, buxom, American girls without swagger or smirk.

Will Clarke and Company

“Bertie Bluffington has been having a night out and has met a lady whom he informs that he is a magician. She enlists his aid in the search of her husband” “The action of the sketch lies in his endeavors to hide the woman from his wife and a friend, who proves to be the long lost husband.”

Mabel M’Kinley

“Her own leader conducts the music, the piano accompanist having been done aways with”