Zermain &Vallal

Pantomime and Intrpotive Dances — Man and woman; special plush drop; Their offering consists of double toe, eccentric, Russian and classical — four in number — 12 min. full stage; went Fair.

Joe Jackson

13 min. f.s. With practically the same material as on previous occasions, this well known pantomimist gave our show a start.

Hanlon Bros. & Co.

In “Just Phor-Phun”. Hanlon Brothers are great pantomimists. An excellent closing act full of comedy, with plenty of good trick properties. Full stage, 17 minutes.

Wm. H. Thompson & Co.

“The Wise Rabbi.” 27 min. F.S. Advance applause. A very absorbing drama whose interest depends upon the ability of Mr. Thompson to put a strong plea by the aid of pantomime. This he does in a very convincing manner and leaves the audience in no doubt as to the meaning of his petition. Mr. Thompson’s support in the person of the Russian official is good. Some of the sentiments expressed by the old Rabbi received applause and the finish was very strong.

Joe Jackson

14 minutes f.s. without question one, if not the greatest pantomimist, we have ever had in the house. It has been a long time since anyone has made a bigger hit.


19 min. F.S. Advance applause. Slivers is always a favorite here and has perfected his act so that now it is very amusing all the way through. This is a strong “fan” town, and it is no wonder the act held the interest of the audience and made a flattering close.


Still in blackface, Mr. Beyer enters on a combination of automobile, motor cycle, bicycle, horse and other things. It is the queerest mechanical conglomeration imaginable. Across his right shoulder is slung a bag of golf sticks. He stops the vehicle—or, rather, it stops Itself— clear the footlights, and goes through a very funny routine of pantomimic comedy in an endeavor to get the “instrument” started. A fast exit and return with a bicycle, doing inimitable slow-riding to the melody of “Traumerel,” with all the tragic pantomiming that would ordinarily accompany a funeral cortege but interspersed with hasty turns at all four corners of the stage, eventuating into fast riding and double twists balanced on the handles bars; single wheel work and breakaway wheel stuff.

Gordon & Day

Man and woman work in full stage. Man makes up as a dirty tramp opens with a very good pantomime. Woman makes a very pretty appearance and there is some fairly good bicycle riding. 14 min. Went good.


Presenting the “Base Ball Game” in pantomime—quite a novel offering—greatly appreciated with many laughs. 16 minutes.