The De Forrests

A man and woman in eccentric and character dancing. It is about the same sort of an act that they have always given us, and, while it has not deteriorated any in quality, I am rather inclined to think that our audiences are almost too familiar with it. They got quite a bit of applause, and the act can be called good. 19 minutes, full stage.

The Clan Johnstone Troupe

GHR. International dances: this troupe consists of two men and two girls, and they do an act similar to the original Northern Family, although not quite as good, but at the price it is a very good act. They open with a Scotch dance and from that one of them does a sword dance while the other plays a bagpipe for him; then there is a different kind of Scotch dance, and then two of them do a sailor’s hornpipe and they finish with Irish character dances. It is a very good dancing act.

Barry & Halvers

Tramp and Soubrette; good singers and dancers but their selections are very old. Harry’s Tramp specialty is very good; his dancing very much on the order of George Cohan’s. Goes well, Full stage can close in one. Time 22 minutes. Act could stand a cut however.  

Famous Sutcliff Troupe

World’s renouned Character Dancers, Scottish Pipers and Acrobats.  Six Men and one woman, make their entrance dressed in beautiful Skottish uniforms four of them playing bag pipes two on snare drums and one of them on a base drum.  The second number is Scottish dancing by four members of the troupe after which they go through an acrobatic part of the programme with some very good tumbling.  The act closes with them playing pipes and drums when they leave the stage.  A very neat and refined and well dressed act, and held the audience until close.  Very few of them going out considering the show was running quite late and the weather is unusually hot.  16 Min.  Full stage.

Eddie Mack

Dancer: This young fellow has quite a novelty in the way of dancing, as he gives imitations of the different people while keeping perfect time with his music. He closes his act with the dancing representation of the baseball game, which is quite a hit. 10 Mins in 1.

Max Waldon

European character dancer, impersonating a Swiss dancer, Spanish, French and Ballet dancers. As artistic a bit of work as one seldom sees. Full stage.

DeWitt, Burns and Torrence

2 shows, 15 min, full stage. A decided novelty for vaudeville; an act that should be a hit with both young and old. There is a special stage setting, representing a toy store at Christmastime with lots of toys and a large tree, conspicuously displayed. The girls is made up a French doll, one of the men as a tin solider and the other man as a jack-in-the-box, popping up when the girl releases the lid. There is some capital acrobatic work done by DeWitt and Burns, who also introduces their well known perch specialty. The girl is rather pretty, and does some neat and grateful dancing. The act should go he circuit and it will be a lucky house that has it Christmas week.