Shaw’s Circus

While Shaw’s act has the familiars of acts of its type – leaping greyhounds, trick ponies, unridable mule and a naturally funny baboon – the turn is presented in a big time way. The greyhounds are wonders at jumping over high obstacles, a brown dog for a feature trick clearing over a pile of cylindrical props. The mule is not as vicious in appearance as most, but a good animal comic who seemed to know just where to toss the colored hostler plants for the biggest laughs.

Gus Elmore and Esther

Gus Elmore and Esther employing a circus act secured laughs on Elmore’s wild man antics following his book character and the girl’s fragile attempts at singing and feeding, which got little.


9 Mins. A circus act with horses Is al- ways a circus act, setting off perhaps better on the stage than It does under a big top. That is because the act is nearer to the people. Holland and Dockrill is a circus name, as a riding act, known all over… They have four handsome white horses, and gaily caparison one when the man mounts it as an older cavalier. Later he puts the animal through paces, high school work, rag stepping and a bit of a “cooch” dance, the latter lone with the horse’s head facing the rear wall of the stage. For the finale the male rider drives the four horses abreast in the ring and while he is standing erect upon them, spanning from the first to the fourth as the horses, in turn, take their places.