Scott and Annetta

Scott and Annetta closed the show with some lifting feats and muscle displays, pulling down a good bit with his final trick when lifting the woman from the floor on one arm while lying on bis back. They looked well from front, and combined with some snappy work of hand to hand balancing, they closed well.

Selbert Llndley and Co.,

It Is a rather aged story. An uncle visiting his nephew (suposed to be a single man), when spoken to about marriage generally goes Into a fit Prearranged upon word being received uncle was about to arrive. The young fellow has already been married and the young couple cannot see a fortune slipping. An ex-convict then gave a lecture upon prison reform and other Inside workings with a plea to the public tacked upon the end.

The Georgalls Trio

the regulation routine of shooting from the different positions, with the flag for an applause finish.