Theodore Roberts and Co.

This sketch entitled “The Sheriff of Shasta” was thirty minutes long on the full stage. Theodore Roberts, a legitimate star, plays a man with a cabin on the Shasta Ridge. His wife does not love him and resents the isolation of the location. She soon falls in love with a travelling acrobat who recently murdered a man. The Sheriff is close to finding him. When she hears the Sheriff approaching her barn, she hides the acrobat in the hay loft. The Sheriff proceeds to tell the wife of her charms, making her husband jealous. When she and the acrobat try to elope the next day, the acrobat is killed by one of the Sheriff’s men and the wife is brought back to her husband.

Polzin Brothers

The act was twelve minutes long on the full stage. The Polzin Brothers do some ground and lofty tumbling. They do a trick in which the top mounter jumps from a springboard onto the shoulders and head of the understander.

Mountain Ash Male Choir

The act was twenty-six minutes long on the full stage. This Welsh male choir is made up of men approximately twenty-five to fifty years of age dressed in evening clothes. The director stands onstage with his back to the audience. He does many entrances, exits, and bows. A bass and a tenor both have solos. The finale included the entire choir and their encore was a “Welch war song”.

Gertrude Vanderbilt and Clay Smith

The act was sixteen minutes long on the full stage. Vanderbilt and Smith sing and dance in evening clothes. Vanderbilt wears a nice sleeveless gown (one of three). The pair sing solos and duets and usually begin dancing on the second chorus of each song.

Leitzel Sisters

The Leitzel Sisters have an aerial act. For the finale, one of the girls does forty revolutions around a rope that she holds in one hand.

Dixie Chrystie

Dixie Chrystie plays the harp and the violin with various articles taken from her pockets.

Willard Lee Hall and Co.

Willard Lee Hall is a female impersonator. He is approximately two hundred and twenty pounds and dresses as a woman, complete with wig. He begins the act by sitting in a chair and telling drawn-out stories. His assistant does some good stepping.

Pearce and Roslyn

Pearce and Roslyn do songs and talk. They were on for eighteen minutes.


Saronsky is a violinist who performs in character makeup.