Handers and Mellis

Two men singing and dancing act. Piano playing. Good dancers. Neatly dressed. 8 minutes in one went very well.

Getchell & Fedora

Man and woman singing act. Neatly dressed. Good singers. 12 minutes full stage. Went very well.

Brent Hayes

A1 Banjo player. Popular and classic selections. Good act went big. 10 minutes in one.

Dailey Bros.

Head to head balancers. Little comedy introduced. Clever work. 10 minutes full stage went very good.

Bothwell Sisters

Well dressed Sister act, singing and some comedy. Singing great comedy bad, went very good. 15 minutes in one.

Whittier-Ince & Co.

3 people, comedy sketch. Dr. Smarts Dilemma. Good lively sketch well done went very good 18 minutes.

Smythe & Hartmann

Man and woman, singing and talking, good songs, good comedy 15 minutes in one went big.

Osaki Japs

4 Japs. Acrobats, jugglers act. Clever work. 10 minutes full stage went big.