“The Witness”

17 Mins.; Full Stage. A little dramatic offering that seemed to get past the audience despite the principal male character persisted in acting all over the stage. Two men and a woman in the sketch. One of the men is the district attorney, the other his secretary, and the woman is the former’s estranged wife. A man about-town has been murdered in his studio apartment by a woman and the police have a suspect in custody. The D.A. is confident she committed the crime. The wife enters and pleads for the woman, stating she is certain of her innocence and finally makes a confession that she is the one who killed the “rounder” After he lured her to his apartment and insulted her. The D.A. orders the police to free the woman they have been holding and he and the wife sit down for a long talk at the drop of the curtain. The act has possibilities but the present company does not make the most of them.
Variety, Volume XXXVI, no.10, November 7, 1914