The Mascot Moth

Max Sterling and a shabby outfit of aparatus. The gong trick was shown first. No new principle is used. Three assisstance are used. A girl who appers from behind a screen and is placed in a trunk with a false back, and in a De Kolta “vanishing lady chair” who hides behind a staircase. A man in a cage with a mirror who changes places with another man, who changes places with a girl. As an interlude while the stage is being changed, the girl is fitted with cloth “moth” wings. Apparatus in a shockingly bad state
Sterling thinks he is a comedian and spoils the act with talk.
The Burmese Gong
Did not impress the audience
American's do not liked to be fooled. The act may please when it is better worked out.
Variety, 1:3 (20/1/1906)