The Girl With the Red Mask

Graceful, light of foot and spirited, she follows the dance given by Dazie her performance in the red mask is all the more praiseworthy
Nellie Emerson, who is backed up by “The Sixteen Darlings,” a sextet of English girls who have been prettily costumed and work well with their leader.
the audience who have not seen the original fully pleases
Although too quiet and offering for burlesque, as olio acts generally run, “Just Kids” made a distinct hit. The naturalness of the players and the infantile atmosphere surrounding them make an appeal to the heartstrings. The act has been well put together. With a suitable offering Rawson and Clare would fill a very large vacancy in the “kid” department which exists at present in the other variety branch.
Variety 2:2 (02/09/1907)