Metzetti Troupe

From an elevated platform, seven feet high, standing on a hand rest by two of the men who throw her, the girl makes three complete somersaults, landing on the shoulders of the understander on the stage about eight feet away. It is the finish of the act, and a sensational one, the audience insisting upon several curtain calls. Florence, who is a pretty girl, resembling in looks somewhat Little Gary Owen, is really the whole act. Of the ten people about six are superfluous excepting for their safeguarding services when the girl it making doubles. She does no singles. A pretty trick is her double from a three - high to the understander on the stage.
There is a boy who turns good twisters and the understander has a thorough knowledge of his duties, but Florence, her doubles and the triple, are the sole composition of the success which the Metzetti Troupe easily meet with. For a German acrobatic act none better has appeared in the point of good looks and dressing, both the men and women appearing in flannel tennis suits.
Variety 8:3 (08/17/1907)