May Ward and her Dresden Dolls

May Ward is good looking and being well dressed makes an attractive appearance, especially in her closing number.
A novel effect is used for an opening, the eight girls who assist Miss Ward posing as dolls in a show window, but it Is dispensed with while the audience is looking for something else promised by the picture. The girls do a "doll dance" here, losing some of the effectiveness by carelessly moving and laughing. There is a "seashore" number by the girls to give Miss Ward opportunity for a change and in this the girls do some clever dancing. The song, however, is lifeless and poor. While the girls are changing Miss Ward sings one of the modern love songs, having the use of a "plant" in the box. There is a lively finish with a strong bid for kind applause through the display of pictures on a net curtain.
With better songs and the first part developed the act will fit in nicely and find a spot among the best of the "girl acts."
Variety 7:1 (07/06/1907)