Julius Steger

"Justice" is a powerfully dramatic playlet based upon an incident in the New York state prison at Sing Sing. "Justice" tells the story of the pardon of an inmate of the prison, convicted for a murder which he never committed. Throwing aside this mask of stoicism before the end is reached, Steger gives vent to a scathing arraignment of the kind of justice that sends an innocent man to prison and then, after 20 years, opens the doors and bids him take his place in the world once more, branded as a convict, although guiltless.
The sketch strikes a tragic chord with the audience.
Steger's acting is so strong and appealing that the deepest emotions are profoundly stirred. Large and powerful of frame, Steger, as the prisoner, displays a stolidity and repose born of continuous restraint. It is a remarkable exposition of dramatic art, rarely seen on the vaudeville stage.
Toledo Blade (01/12/1912)