Harry Houdini

This week, the moving pictures showing Houdini’s jump from the Rochester bridge last week with wrists handcuffed are first seen, after which “The Jail Breaker” escapes from manacles and a “straight jacket” on the stage. This latter is difficult, and Mr. Houdini while working out of the confinement in view of the audience gives an exhibition of contortion as well.
New York is a big town, and while Houdini is probably outside this city the best drawing card in vaudeville, he does not largely attract here through inability to secure the press work the smaller towns supply. In his line of work, however, Houdini is such an inventive genius, with unequaled daring, that it is safe to say he will yet startle the Metropolis and have himself talked about as happens in other localities.
Variety 5:3 (05/18/1907)