Anna Laughlin

Something more than a pair of pink stockings, a kneww dress and a few curls are required for a vaudeville “kid” which will pass. Anna Laughlin in her reappearance has revived the “Wizard of Oz” character at the uptown Keith-Proctor theatre this week and falls short in everything else.
Realizing her vocal shortcomings, when the high note in the chorus is reached, instead of attempting it, she says to the youth by her side, both apparently reading a newspaper at the time, “turn over” in a conversational tone, and those in the audience knowing the bar has been cut out are mildly shocked at the liberty and greatly amused at the license.
Miss Laughlin is assisted by a young man dressed in overalls and a smile. She makes her entrance in a toy express waggon, which he draws, and sings a song, dances and again sings. Her last number is Georgia Caine's “Won't You Buy a Paper?” from “The Rich Mr. Hoggenheimer.”
Miss Laughlin has a disagreeable “wheeze” when singing, which she might correct by tuition. Placed as “Number 2” on the bill, she did not go well, partly owing to the position, and more so on account of her act.
Variety 4:4 (04/27/1907)