Ray & Pagana

“The Princesses Of Harmony” in a Musical Revue. Two girls; very neat in dress; violin, piano, singing; 13 min. in one. Went good.

Stagpole & Spier

“Australian Surprise Duo” — Man and woman; singing, dancing; also, dare-devil falls and twists; 10 min. in one. Went good.

Harry Holman & Co.

In “Adam Kill Joy” – Two men and a woman. A new comedy playlet. 18 min. full stage. Went fair only. This audience or at least our patrons do not seem to for sketches.

Francis & Elden

“The Stuttering Chauffeur” — Man and woman; Man and woman in songs and crossfire talk. 12 min in one; went good.

Justa Trio

“A Comedy Variety” — Man and two women; Colored; in Piano Songs and Dances. Open in one; then to full stage; 12 min. Went good.

Seven Bracks

“As Athletic Machine Gun” — Head and hand balances, tumbling, etc. They work with great speed. 8 min. full stage. This act went over great.

Washington Trio

“Those Harmony and Singing Entertainers” — Two men and woman in comedy, singing and talking act. 13 min. in one. Went good.

Nichols & Wood

“A Hotel Happening” — Man and woman; Comedy singing, talking and dancing. Drop representing a hotel interior; 12 min. in one. Went good.

Minerva Courtney & Co.

Is “The Heart of a Canyon” — Two men and a woman; they are booked in as three men and a woman. Special setting and drop; scene; interior of the “prairie Dog,” Arizona. This act went over good. 18 min. full stage.

McNally & Ashton

“Direct From Brazil” — Man and woman; man blackface; Singing, Talking and Dancing; 17 min in one; went good.