Conlin & Glass

12 min. A lot of crossfire comedy talk used by this pair brought some good laughs and Conlin enlivens the act with his piano-playing. A couple of songs are used. Act closed to a good hand.

Regina Connelli & Ruby Craven

18 min. A one-act playlet, called, “Moondown.” One of the Washington Square Players’ productions that carries a heart interest story with an “Easiest Way” girl character in it. It held attention and the comedy lines got some laughs but it has a very poor finish which brought the curtain down with almost no applause. With a better finish the sketch would get over much stronger.

Mme. Chilson-Ohrman

14 min. One of the biggest applause hits of the show. A brilliant vocalist who has selected a program to show her voice to the best advantage. An attractive personality also helps her to win favor and she made a very good impression, being called out for a little speech of thanks.

Dunham & O’Malley

13 min. Young fellow and girl in a singing and talking skit. Only fair. Got very little return until their final number which was well handled and took them off to a good hand.

Darras Bros.

8 min. Two men in a good routine of head and hand balancing, also trapeze tricks. Did very well as an opener.

Moran & Wiser

12 min. These two men are using the same act before consisting of hat juggling but presenting it in a new setting and the novelty of it made it a very good closing act.

Jack Wilson & Co.

kind of an act as he has done for several years with two new people as associates. As usual he burlesqued several of the acts ahead of him getting good laughs and his eccentric dressing brought screams from the audience. The act made good but the material showed signs of wear.

Herman Timberg

28 min. Assisted by Five Dancing Violin Girls. A musical comedy with plenty of flesh and color. Timberg attempts only a little bit of comedy but the production is full of action and music. An eccentric dance by the principal was a big applause winner and the violin-playing of Timberg and the girls brought good results. The piece is nicely staged and the girls wear attractive costumes. The act was a good sized hit.

Spencer & Williams

18 min. Man and woman in comedy and song. The fellow does a lot of nut stuff and the girl is a good helper. The act got plenty of laughs and finished to a good hand.

Josephine Victor & Co.

“Maid of France.” 22 min. One of the most interesting and picturesque war sketches we have played and easily one of the biggest hits. It is entirely different from anything else offered and splendidly played by Miss Victor in the role of Joan of Are and four men in the roles of soldiers of the Allies. There is just enough comedy injected in the dialogue to lighten up the sketch and it scored solidly.