“A Night In A Cafe (10).

30 Mins.; Full (Interior.) “A Night In A Café” is a big act, composed entirely of amateurs. Five girls and five boys in the act. From the manner in which they work and from their appearance they suggest amateurs. One or two of the girls might develop in time. The two girls playing the daughters of the alleged Iris comic might work out a nice little routine of songs for the small and pass with it. They are good looking and are possessed of personality and voice. The little dancer with a boy partner might also get some work with the right sort of a turn. The act as it is now, however, will not do. It is badly produced, the comedy is the rawest of hokum and worked to death. The Irish and Hebrew comics are sad.

Stella Mayhew & Co.

23 min. Interior, full stage. “It Happened In Utah”, introducing Miss Mayhew, Mr. Taylor and Miss Laura Clement. The third member of this company is a great detriment to the act and could easily be done away with. I talked with Mr. Taylor on this matter and he thinks himself that it would improve the act to out her out but is afraid that if he were to do so there would be some disappointment since he contracted for three people. Mr. Taylor does very well and Miss Mayhew is, of course, a big hit. I think she is undoubtedly one of the best women in Vaudeville.

Edna Luby

16 min. Ohio. Imitations of Cohen, Dressler, Edna Hay and David Warfield. I think Miss Luby’s imitation of David Warfield is undoubtedly the work this I have ever seen on the stage. However, it seems to go big with the audience and I guess that is about all we can ask. Her other imitations are fair. The act, taken as a whole, pleases. She is not as good as her first appearances here.