A. B. C. And D.

The costumes worn by the other girls are dainty, rich and, above all, becoming, but a change could be made for variety.

The Three Pooles

The woman looks well and has a fair costume change or two, but throughout the act. is lacking in ginger and brightness.

The Ladies’ Comedy Quartet

The women are dressed as an American tourist, a “Dutch” girl, Irish colleen and Signorita at the opening, each being introduced with a few bars of a characteristic song. A change is made to military costume of blouse and black tights. The girls are shapely and the dressing becoming.

Three Sisters Lee

Poor hairdressing is harming the appearance of all three and the costumes should be replaced as soon as possible. One change of dress at least could be worked in with advantage.

The Markenos

The woman is sprightly and employs her eyes when singing in a manner to make Fougere envious.

The Scala Quartet

If the four are to remain in vaudeville new dressing should be secured for all at once.