Romance of the Underworld

Melodramatic play, in three scenes, 45 min. in all. First and third scenes F.S., second scene four minutes in one. Plenty of time to strike the first scene and set the third without the use of extra stage hands, which the advance prep list called for. The action produces alternately tears and laughter. A big act, well staged, and well presented by an unusually large number of men and women. Went very big.

Ray L. Boyce

Character sketches. 15 minutes in one. Mr Boyce has nothing new—his characters are the same, in all respects, as is his act here two or three seasons ago. Some new material would help. Still the act went big, and closed very strong.


Diving. Second week. 21 minutes F.S. Same act as last week, with a few new swimming stunts added went big.

Lillian Schreiber

Songs. 11 minutes in One. Miss Schreiber is a tiny mite of humanity, very cute, petite, with a pesky voice and childish appearance and manners. Sings three songs, the first, is a little girl’s frock, second, in a military costume, third, in a rosie costume. Went good. A novelty.


Diving and swimming act. 15 min. F.S. Large glass tank on top of stage, Odiva being visible at all times. Does everything Annette Kellerman does, and more. A distinct hit.

Lily Lena

Songs. 25 minutes in One. advance hand. New songs—new costumes. Her work is better than ever. A genuine tremendous hit.


Flute virtuoso. 10 minutes in One. Mme. Panita has a very attractive stage presence, and is a fine flute player, playing four selections, all classical. However, a mixture of classical and popular music would suit our people better.

Harry Breen

Singing comedian. 20 minutes in one. Breen has a rapid fire style of his own that is too monotonous–too much of it. 10 minutes would do. Went fair.

The Blank Family

Jugglers. 15 min. F.S. Three men and one woman. A conventional juggling act, with some daring work and new stunts, the woman and one man doing nearly all the work. Went fair.

The Four Ritchies

Cyclists. 10 min., full stage. Act consists principally of the introduction of a large number of freak machines. Roars of laughter throughout, and a splendid closing act. Went big.