Valerie Bergere and Co.

“Billie’s First Love”.  Splendid actress, good in any and every role, meritorious one-act plays always, capable support and ever received with enthusiasm.  Full Stage.

The Sleedes

“The Mysterious Hotel”.  Pantomimists are performers of black art.  Clever, comic and a hit.

James T. Powers & Co.

Presenting a singing and comedy sketch called ‘Dreaming.’ From the adverse reports of this act I was prepared to be disappointed, but just the reverse was the result. I consider it one of the most enjoyable acts I ever witnessed. ‘Jimmie’ Powers is the goods all the way, and some distance further. 25 min. FS.

Emma Carus

Too much cannot be said in praise of this woman. Her very pleasing personality, her happy selection of songs, her repressed acting, made the biggest hit in this line this theatre has ever known. She was compelled to sing five songs at Monday mat. 20 min. in one.

The Harmony Four

Four men, one working straight, three as comedians. Singing and dancing act. These are four Cleveland boys. They were given their start at the old Empire Theatre by the late Mr. Eirick seven years ago. They are very well known to Cleveland, and because of their many friends here, some allowance will have to be made for the reception they received. Good act. CDF in 3. Close in one. 14 min.

Brockman, Mack & Belmont

Two men and a woman. Sketch ‘The Count on Mother’s Account.’ Mack is the Mack of Monroe, Mack & Lawrence. They used the Mother-in-law character in this act. There is just a thread of a plot, the act depending entirely on Mack’s comedy and Brockman’s excellent vocal work. This act received more applause than any other act in the shows. CDF in 3. 19 min.

John Gilroy and the English Rosebuds

This act is what you may term a ‘Lemon’ – about $50 overpaid. Girls are very ordinary with no voices. Fairly good dancers. They attempt to do comedy, but are unable to carry it. Act is alright for Hundred and a Quarter and three shows. 15 min. – full stage – 2 shows.

Lillian Apel

Supported by Francis Byrne. In a comedy sketch, entitled: – ‘A Fair Masquerader.’ The idea is good and novel, situation funny with good business. Open in one about one minute and manages to secure some strong laughs. The man is very good. Miss Apel is a clever pianist and her work was appreciated. Act is thoroughly alright to open the early two-show section at a Hundred Seventy-five. 22 min. open in one about 1 min. – closed full stage – 2 shows.

William Gould & Valeska Surratt

I was very much surprised to see how much ability Miss Surratt has. I rather got the impression that she was more of an ‘ornament’ than anything else, but she is reallyavery [sic] clever woman. Gould’s work is about the same as before and the act, in its entirety, is very strong indeed. 20 min. open full stage, close in 1, 2 shows.

Grace Cameron

Miss Cameron didn’t do as well for us this time as before, due to her poorer material. Her act fell down pretty hard at the beginning, but she pulled up strongly at the finish with her ‘Dolly Dimples’ song. It is evident that she relies entirely upon this song and I wouldn’t want to play the act again unless I saw her with something new, before booking. 15 min. in one, 2 shows.