Kitty Traney

one of the few foreign artistes who dress in taste

R A Roberts

Vivid play. Lighting changes, quickest in two seconds. Character of the Hag is disgusting. Expectorates and blows their nose on the same hankercheif which is used to clean a mug.

Cliffe Berzac

“some of the best faking that has been put in an act” Unridable

Robinson and Grant

“rough and tumble wrestle between a dwarf and a lump of dough supposed to be designed for a pudding”

Whallen and Martell

Try to pretend that their Kentucky Belles have no ollio because it is fashionable to have a two act burlesque this season. Seem to be ashamed of the chorus. The chorus is well trained and well behaved, looks good and can wear small tights.

Will Clarke and Company

“Bertie Bluffington has been having a night out and has met a lady whom he informs that he is a magician. She enlists his aid in the search of her husband” “The action of the sketch lies in his endeavors to hide the woman from his wife and a friend, who proves to be the long lost husband.”

Mabel M’Kinley

“Her own leader conducts the music, the piano accompanist having been done aways with”