Maria Lo & Co.

10 min. A series of very pretty groupings. Three women are employed for the pictures, the subjects are new and beautifully staged. A very interesting act, well liked.


Very interesting series of international events covering ten different countries and states.

Alfred Farrell & Company

“The Artist and the Girl” – rag picture specialty – man and woman; woman sings while both are at work; patriotic pictures; special drop; 10 min. in two; went fair.


20 min. Fourteenth episode of the Mrs. Vernon Castle picture with some of its battle scenes eliminated and all reference to Japan and Mexico taken out to comply with the recent order from Washington, hold considerable attention. Request was made from the Attorney General of this state on Saturday that the picture be discontinued, but five minutes before time for showing at the matinee, he issued instruction that this week’s showing be permitted with the elimination made.


Mrs. Vernon Castle in the second episode of this picture, called, “Treasure.” This picks up the interesting story of last week right where it left off and is full of thrills. Judging by the way 90 percent of our audience stayed until 5.15 to see the episode, the public is becoming very much interested in it. There is no question but that it is developing a strong drawing power.

America First

A lot of very good motion pictures, very effective scenery, a big flash in the way of costumes and a lot of “give me your kind applause,” but very little of merit or intrinsic value in the act. There is no good singing, no good music, or anything that one could go out and say was well performed. To be worth the money that they are asking, the act should be entirely reconstructed. 32 minutes. Full stage.

Tommy Ray

The Singing Fireman of the Ill-fated Lusitania. (Opens with a slide announcing himself, followed by a short reel of pictures showing him at work. He then comes on made up as a fireman. Sing popular numbers. Has a very good tenor voice.) Opens and closes in street. 12 minutes; went big at matinee and good at night.

Bud Fisher

19 minutes in two. Special drop. Closes with picture sheet in one. Fisher’s only new stunt in an animated moving picture cartoon of “Mutt and Jeff.” His drawings are the same that he has presented here twice before.

Pathe News

17 minutes. One of the best series of pictures in some time. Coast defense practise [sic] with big guns, drawings of latest fashion, and big gun making for the Allies in American munition plants.

Pathe News

16 minutes in one. Picture sheet. One of the best of the series with some splendid pictures of the New York subway accident and a very amusing cartoon of Henry Ford and his “Jitney submarine.”