By far the best composite travel series that we had yet, which is saying a good deal. If this does not hold the crowd in, then nothing in the moving picture line will.

Winsor McCay

10 minutes in one. Picture sheet. McCay is introducing his motion picture of “Gertie,” doing a monologue along with it, pretending to put “Gertie” through her various stunts, with the aid of a bull-whip. A decided novelty in the cartoon line, and went over in great shape.

“A 20th Century Courtship”

24 minutes in one. Picture sheet. Local motion picture introducing Boston scenes and Boston people, with a thread of story running through it. Interesting, and caused a good deal of talk.


11 min This is the worst disappointment we have had in the house this season. I saw the act at the Palace where it gave premise of developing into something and took it here on assurances that the act was being worked on constantly and was in perfect condition and would have new pictures. The act as shown this afternoon was like that shown at the Palace and was absolutely without illusion; in fact, the curtain had not been up a minute before the audience were saying, “That isa [sic] moving picture.” At the conclusion of the act, it failed to receive one hand.


Weekly events of international interest. Fairly good list of subjects.

The Kinetophone

Picture sheet in one, about 15 minutes. At both performances this feature of the show was roundly applauded. The machine worked perfectly, and if the initial performance is to be a criterion of what is to follow in this line, The Kinetophone will find a most appreciative following.

Thomas A. Edison’s Talking Motion Pictures

14 minutes picture sheet in one. That this latest invention of Mr. Edison’s has the whole town by the ears was proven conclusively to-day, when we packed the house to the doors at both performances. Hundreds were turned away. The pictures worked perfectly, and created a tremendous applause. At the finish, a slide of Mr. Edison was thrown upon the screen, and it was greeted with thunderous applause.

The Kinetophone

“Talking Movies.” Here is one of the greatest drawing cards we have had and evere [sic] will have at the price. The house has been sold out at every performance with every indication that it will continue. Two pictures are shown, “The Descriptive Lecture” and the Edisons Minstre both good photographically with perfect synchronism of voice and action. Each subject is strongly applauded with a rousing hand at finish. Thirteen minutes.


Recent events of national interest. Good selection this week.

Daylight Pictures

Shown for the first time today and made as much talk as any act on the bill. All house lights were on and people commented upon the clearness of the picture and the absence of eye strain. Think this will prove a regular feature for us. The invention should certainly revolutionize the picture business.