Marie Sabbott and George Brook

Marie Sabbott and George Brook were more than welcome in fifth position. They were the first to appear with comedy, and the cuteness and baby mannerisms of Miss Sabbott and good talk and comedy by Brooks got laughs rapidly. The pair concluded with some fast stepping, Brooks’ clever acrobatic dancing making a dandy impression, the team finishing in a good sized hit.

Nate Leipzig

Nate Leipzig for his showmanship and skillful card manipulations received fine appreciation in third spot. His is among the few card stunts seen here capable of holding the internet continuously.

George Bobbs and Eddie Nelson

George Bobbs and Eddie Nelson were a smashing hit in fifth position. Nelson’s rendition of the “Rockabye Dixie” melody, stopped the act completely. Both made speeches, but what the audience wanted was more of Nelson’s singing.

Frank Kellam and Virginia O’Dare

Frank Kellam and Virginia O’Dare, next to closing, secured a hit. Kellam’s nut stuff elicited big laughs throughout, and Miss O’Dare, alluring in short costumes, proved an excellent straight, displaying a fiend voice in the song numbers.  

The Barr Twins

The Barr Twins, topping, made a fine impression with their excellent unison impression with their excellent union dancing attractively offered with pretty costume changes. The mirror dance, with the duplicating steps, proved most attractive and the best applause getter, while the captivating girls displayed pleasing voices, and Rube Beckwith at the piano filler the waits nicely.  

Glenn and Jenkins

Glenn and Jenkins stopped show next to closing with harmonica and guitar playing and dancing, securing good laughs with preceding comedy talk, including some common property gags.  

James Mullen and Anna Francis

James Mullen and Anna Francis came next to closing and began to good laughs with bright talk, though Mullen’s speedy semi-nut delivery doesn’t belong in so late a spot. They went well until the souse bit, when Miss Francis makes the mistake of deviating from straight. They finished lightly.  

Charles Henry’s Pets

Charles Henry’s pets opened interestingly with canine posing. During a lowering of the curtain a live animal assumed the pose formerly held by a stuffed dog, fooling many during the change.  

Maurice Powers and Vernon Wallace

Maurice Powers and Vernon Wallace started slowly with talk on a bench, but the good verses gradually lifted the pace and they finished to good applause with a comedy wedding number.  

Nelson Story and Elsie Clark

Nelson Story and Elsie Clark registered strongly in third spot. Miss Clark offering special comedy songs and stories, accompanying herself on the piano and also giving a selection on the xylophone neatly disguised as a piano.