Eddie Herron and His Show Girls

The act moves with a smoothness that only time gives. The only thing that was new was a backdrop at the rehersal scene. Herron plays a stage door Johnny who suceeds in getting inyo a theatre while trying to meet a soubrette, but is mistaken for the new comedian the company is waiting for, The four girls are pretty, neatly dressed and dance well.

William Davis and Company

Set in Kentucky. Davis plays the role of a moonshiner who beleives that his duty to his family ends with shooting at revenuse officers. Pa wants Belle-Anne to marry the man she loves but the step mother does not. Pa lets Bell-Anne run away to get married. Lack of action in the first half.

Harry Corson Clarke & Co.

Twenty-five minute sketch with the assistance of two people who’s names do not appear. A man married to a rich woman invents a spurious son to get money from his spouse. On his birthday she suprises him by declaring that she will adopt the boy legally. The address given as that of his son is that of a fugitive so an escape is provided. The woman played very well.

Edward Davis and Company

Two scene tragedy. Mr Davis play Donald Deveries and Harrison King plays Forrest Forbes. Deveries has won the love of Forbes fiancee and the two end up in a duel. Forbes loses and it is not clear if Deveries gets arrested. There is opportunity for some really good acting. Davis gives a strong impression of repressed passion in reading his lines

Binns and Binns

they have a seltzer syphon trick. They also have a gag where they try to wake their foot with an alarm clock