Nat M. Wills

“The Happy Tramp.” The biggest applause getter we have ever had in this spot. His material is good and free from vulgarity and no manager need hesitate to play him now. Street in 1. Time 25 min.

Eva Fay

The High Priestess of Mysticism. This is Mrs. Fay’s second appearance here and she bids fair to again attract big houses. Her act is entirely new this season and she does her entire act at one time. While her lecturer is making his announcement the boy distributes the pads in the audience. Then the curtain rises on a beautiful Egyptian temple setting with incense burning, etc. Mrs. Fay makes her entrance down a flight of steps, attired in a gorgeous gold creation, a la Cleopatra. She begins at once to answer the questions which have been written but a few moments before. We had a crowd at the matinee that came to scoff and remained to praise and the audience left the house more mystified than ever. She has Herbert Brooks, the magician, doing her announcing this season. Own set in 3. Open in 1, 6 min. Time 30 min.


A strong comedy dramatic sketch that tells an interesting and gripping story. Held the attention of the audience in good shape and took several curtains. Excellently act and should go well anywhere. C.D.Fcy in 3. Time 18 min.

Farrell, Taylor & Clark

“That Minstrel Man.” This act furnishes just as good entertainment as the old Farrell-Taylor trio. Doing the same stuff and proved a big laughing hit. Clark gets his coon song over in good shape and act finished strong. Fcy in 3. Close in 1, 4 min.

Frank Le Dent

Comedy Juggler. Le Dent is carrying a lot of junk and is now opening in two and doing a short close in. His material is good and gets plenty of laughs throughout. Just a good opening act. Own drop in 2. Close in 1, 2 min. Time 9 min.

Ahearn’s Six Day Bicycle Race

Twelve men in as sloppy a looking exhibition as I have ever seen the days when burlesque was at its worst. Slap-stick comedy predominates all through and nothing had been overlooked. Ahearn ought to contribute the services of his old act for a week for nothing to square himself for foisting this act on us in its present shape. The act has really good possibilities but there is too much of a sameness to it at the present time. A good trick rider should be introduced, the makeup of some of the “comedians” should be cleaned up and then the act should hide away out of town for a few weeks to get it in proper shape before showing to a regular audience. Special set in 4. Time 10 min.

Maggie Cline

“The Irish Queen.” All question of the advisability of making her the feature of the bill was immediately dissipated when the cards showing her name were displayed. It is the first time the announcement cards ever got a round of applause in this house and when Miss Cline walked out on the stage she received such a hearty welcome that must have made her feel she was among old friends. Better still her stuff went over in great shape and there is no question of her drawing money during the week. Her act is the best I have ever seen her do and I believe she will prove a pleasing drawing card in any house in the country. Olio in 1. Time 25 min.

Mabel Bardine & Co.

“Jim Grantley’s Wife.” Opening the second half this act scored a hit with the audience. It is bright and clever and particularly well played, Miss Bardine making an imposing looking picture. It is a trifle dramatic but the comedy is skilfully blended and the finish is a distinct surprise. This act ought to go with any audience in the country. I want to compliment Miss Bardine for the manner in which she dresses her character, her gown this afternoon calling forth many expressions of admiration form the feminine portion of the house. Fcy. In 3. Time 15 min.

Fred Wright, Jr., & Claudia Clarke

This is the English comedian, later of “Our Miss Gibbs.” He did not seem to know what to do this afternoon. It was his vaudeville debut and after each song would rush off the stage and inquire what he was going to do next. At that his act seemed to please the audience and when he gets his material working a little better and will have an act that should be worth while. Some of his songs could be improved upon and he should do more of hiss eccentric dancing. Garden in 2. Time 20 min.

Sager Midgely & Dawn Elton

Supposed to be a comedy sketch with good reports from Camden and Wilmington. About the most tiresome lot of slush I have ever listened to. Midgely has not “come back” and his partner will never make an actress. C.D.Fcy in 3. Close in 1, 4 min.