Otto Brothers

“A Slight Misunderstanding.” The boys have discarded their German comedy for some good cross-fire talk written by Keith & Campbell. One of the boys occasionally forgets that he is not murdering the Queen’s English any more and once in a while a little dialect creeps in. When they got a little easier they will have an act that will compare favorably with any of the two-men talking act in 1. They have a good routine of songs and close with their old operatic burlesque. Went big today and could have gone down next to closing without the slightest trouble. Street in 1. Time 16 min.

Four Thornes

“An Up-town Flat.” One of the oldest acts in vaudeville and the same big laughing hit that it has always been. Plain chamber in 3. Time 20 min.

Uyero Japs

A man and three Jap. kids in a pleasing routine. Make a good appearance, though they do not carry the usual gaudy hangings. The youngsters do about all the work which is clean cut and fast and it made an excellent opening act. Garden in 2, close in 1, 3 min. Time 8 min.

Bedini & Arthur

These well known jugglers got a big reception on their entrance and the audience fairly shrieking with laughter all through. Just the ideal act for closing this show. Garden in 3. Time 12 min.

Dan Burke and His Wonder Girls

A very pretty act that started the second half of the show off in very good shape. Burke is incomparable as a dancer. The girls look well from the front and work fast and act should prove pleasing feature on any program. Own set in 3. Time 16 min.

Schrode & Mulvey

“The Theatrical Agency.” This old stand-by closed the first half of the show in great shape, their whirlwind waltz at the finish waking the crowd up to the first real applause of the afternoon. Fcy in 3. Time 13 min.

“Lee” Copeland

“A Ragtime Night-mare.” A new act from the South. Works in blackface with a piano in one. Did not do very well today as his type of the lazy, shiftless southern “nigger” was not understood. Act may develop but in its present form is only good for the small time. Olio in 1. Time 12 min.

Le Roy & Harvey

“Rained in.” A bright Western comedy sketch played by man and woman in good shape. Plenty of good laughs and would go well in this spot on any program. Own set in 3. Time 16 min.

Wills & Hassan

Acrobats. Two men in as good an exhibition of head and hand balancing as I have ever played. Opened the show in rattling good shape, the applause starting with their first trick and continuing all through the act. Garden in 3, Close in 1, 3 min. Time 11 min.

La Belle Titcomb

The Singer on Horseback. One of the most beautiful closing acts I have ever played and one which will create a lot of talk. She was sore because she was not billed as large as Wills and Fay and did some general all-around kicking. Despite that fact I do not hesitate to declare her act a good one for any manager in the country to close his show with. Own set in 4. Time 20 min.