Bettinia Bruce and Company

Hen-pecked husband gets independence by aserting his authority under the stimulus of an enthusiastic souse. Introduction of the dead husband with green lights and funeral clothes. Miss Bruce has the advantage of good looks.

Laura Bennett and Company

A different and improved sketch from what was given previously. “Nothing has been retained of the original but the ground plan and Miss Bennett’s negro specialty”

Gertrude Hoffman

The handling of the lights is crude. The scene opens on a sun rise effect. Six girls come out singing a verse and then go behind a wall. There is a total eclipse and then their are feminine appoinments on the wall to show the girls are swimming. Then six men enter. A juggler fills in time while the girls change to bathing suits. The juggler lacks variety.

Inez Macauley and Hal Davis

Audiences susceptible to the charming appeal of a sluggish match and a funiture smashing fest. Miss Macauley makes a most agreeable Grace.

Viola Gillette and Company

Unexpected visit to a bachelor’s apartment of a relative subject to fits. The bachelor is due at a fancy dress party with a woman selected by a matchmaker. The butler thinks that the date is the relative.

Bartlett and Sullivan

Plot is of the experinces of a husband and his too solicitous wife. He brings home a skeleton and tries to keep this knowledge from his wife

Harry B. Lester

Imitated Raymond Hitchcock and Billy Clifford through facial resemblence.