Russell and Held

The pair have spared no pains or excuse in the matter of costuming, and consequently are showing a nicely dressed singing and dancing act, one which will compare favorably with the best.

The Kratons’ “Hoopland”

A special set of a miniature village is used, showing residences, shops, police station and saloon. The men, women, policeman and cowboys, all represented by the hoops, are distinguished by various colors, a table being printed on the program, making it easy to follow

A Shine Flirtation

The special set carried shows a bootblack stand with curtained partitions for women customers.

Delvin and Ellwood

The curtain comes down during the proposal. The man is below average height and the woman is six feet tall. Slovenly makeup.

Charlotte Perry

Miss Parry is hadicapped by her stature and personality. Gives a series of clean cut characterizations marked by a family resemblance, but otherwise are distinct and individual. She is assisted by A.C.Henseron who is matinee heroish, and three others who do not feature prominently.