Word and Kingston

The pair open in “one” wearing street attire and later go to the full stage. Except were this arrangement is demanded for stage setting purposes it should be dropped.
There seems to be no good reason why Mindell Kingston shoud not sing more. She has a voice of unusual volume and purity, but seems to chose rather to feature er ostrich feather dress. Miss Kingston could use another number during the early part.
John W. World makes a funny tramp, following much the style of Walter Jones in his former musical comedy days. A first rate soft shoe dance was one of his best contributions.
There is little in the talk that is amusing, and the part preceding the specialties of the two is plainly a barefaced time-filler. Miss Kingston makes a pretty figure in her second change, and the semi-acrobatic dancing of the two is well worth while.
Variety 2:4 (02/23/1907)