WM. H. Macart and Company

Macart plays Eli Frost, a retired ice dealer who is suing a hotel for injuries recieved from fireworks. his lawyer is also working for four chorus girls are suing Frost for a breach of promise. He wins his suit by disguising himself as an old woman and exposed the double dealing of his lawyer. Patsey Foley appears as an iceman and does a clever bit of dancing.
Macart sings a song- "The Different Ways of Kissing" which is perhaps the best thing he does. E.J Gardner sings "Goodby Maggie Doyle" out of key
"The Village Iceman"
The sketch is receiving a good measure of applause.
It is crude and not funny. Depends largely on "what-the-hello" telephone gags
Variety, 1:2 (13/1/1906)