Will Evans

Mr. Evans’ make-up is grotesque, after the foreign style.
In the interim between the two performances, Evans "got together" and in the evening, after receiving four curtain calls, actually had to make a speech excusing himself for want of further rehearsal, and this after the cards for the next number were placed in position.
Opening with an eccentric song, Mr. Evans gave a burlesque of a Spanish dancer, passing to a travesty on the ballet, with the assistance of six grotesquely costumed men. This was the portion which closed the act and brought the applause.
Considering that Mr. Evans rehearsed his "company" between the two shows he should develop this into a big laughing number. There is a wait in the early part, and Evans announces he will make a change to the Spanish girl. This should be avoided, and the change made more quickly; also the talk cut down, and something introduced to lengthen the act out three or four minutes without changing the finish.
Variety 3:3 (03/16/1907)