Vittori and Georgetti

The comedian may speak English quite well, but the act is foreign and the names are not Anglo-Saxon. However, the comedy is continental; this does not matter much, though, got there is little of it.
The act closes with a boxing bout: the comedian uses his gloves upon his hands while the straight man boxes him with his feet, while standing on his hands. This is one of the best things of its sort, from every point, that has every been shown on vaudeville. One almost forgets that he is using his feet from a hard balance.
The audience did not seem to get the act, not the finish.
The act has a carriage at the opening, much as in using in riding. The small stage at the Follies did not set this off greatly. In a regular house, if placed right, this turn should be a big card with that finish.
Variety 24:2 (09/16/1911)