Val Trainor and Helena

“Kloroform N.G.” (Special Drop). Val Trainor has a new vehicle that is bound to make the, laugh. A special drop on a railroad station in a tank town is used. In itself this is good for a laugh or two. Mr. Trainor is a drummer with dancing shoes as his line. He jumps off the train and bumps into a comedy miss who tells him she is an artist’s model. After some talk they tell their names, learning they were childhood friends. He speaks of his shoes, and says that he will demonstrate them. This he does with a little dance. Finally they decide to get married and end with singing “Home to Indians.” Lots of business that is certain laughs. Trainor does some magical stuff with the changing color of his gives, which will also gain them interest. His partner has a string of slang that can bump to best of them. As a laughing of comedy two-act Trainor and Helene are there. They can fit into any bill.
Variety, Volume XXXVI, no.13, November 28, 1914