Eduardo and Elisa Casino

11 Mins.; Full Stage. Two young Spanish dancers, probably the most authentic of any of the so-called Spanish performers. These two are brother and sister, the former a dancer unexcelled by any steppers who do this type of dancing. His partner is rather heavy but is improving, so that now she gets her share of the applause. The boy does some twirling of the feet that is bound to go over. The couple open with “Malaguena and Bollero,” a very much Spanish affair in which. The click of the castanets figures largely. The girl follows with “El Garotin,” another of this style in which she does considerable bending and squirming. They use “La Cucipanda” next, closing with a whirlwind trot. This last is the only American movement in the act and they handle it capably. These young people should be working steadily, as the boys is a natural dancer and his sister has possibilities.
Variety, Volume XXXVI, no.13, November 28, 1914