Tojetti and Co.

"The Enchanted Rose" is presented by Matt and Lester Morgan. The production represents the Oriental legend of the red rose, whose perfume begets love. The red rose is given to Rahney, the Queen, by Simla, the fortune teller. The rose ensnares Simla's lover, Ramswanee, the wandering prince. The fortune teller quickly regains the rose and wins back her lover but in a fit of jealous rage stabs him. She then falls dead over his prostrate body. The act employs eleven people, three principals and eight dancers.
The act, before an audience still filing in, took three genuine curtain calls.
Queen's solo at opening is pretty, as is the duet between the Queen and the Prince. Tojetti Introduces two dances, splendidly executed. The ensemble dances are very well done. However, the act at present lacks speed and the finish is a trifle weak. These faults may be readily overcome.
Variety 22:3 (03/25/1911)