The Trials of Billy Butts

Miss Ray sings "The Last Rose of Summer." "If I Should Fall in Love With You" is another number made the basis of a rather neat finale. Too much "pathos" is sandwiched in the piece.
Billy Butts (Mr. Sperry) is a "Bowery boy." He meets Lizzie Jenkins (Miss Ray). In the course of say three minutes they be- come engaged. Billy is a tough kid in language, but Liz doesn't mind it, for she loves her Billy and proves it when a letter arrives saying she has been bequeathed $75,000 provided she marries a man named in the will, by tearing up the messenger of wealth, all for Billy; all in the sketch. The idea is here; of course,whoever wrote the piece wrote this rot in it, but what is the use of "piking"? If Liz is to turn down money for Billy's love, make it "big money"; what's $75,000—on the stage? If we must have "pathos," give good cause. If Lizzie re- fuses a bequest of $500,000, even on the stage, that's something to regret, and $1,000,000 would still be better—for pathos.
When the sadness of "The Trials of Billy Butts" has about passed away, Mr. Sperry surprises everyone with his round full voice. He could sing more and talk less with beneficial results. The sketch will be liked, however, while Miss Ray is in it.
Variety 8:3 (08/17/1907)