“The Pace Makers”

Chas. Burkhardt, Harry Kelly, Billy Mossey, May Yuir and Virginia Royden carry off the principal honors. Kelly, who is on stage at all times, plays a "con man," Mossey is a German valet and Burkhardt works exceptionally well in his Hebrew character.
I. H. Herk has without a doubt one of the best shows that ever trod his stage. The act should not be called a burlesque, although it must circuit the Wheel. For instance, the opening set is from "The Heartbreakers," a recently shelved Singer production. This adds a little class, leaving a good impression at first sight. However, Herk's book read suspiciously like the work of a well-known comedy writer. The plot of the three scene and two act performance is light, yet consistent enough to keep one's mind on it.
Variety 23:13 (09/02/1911)