The Mad Musician

The program lists twenty-eight instruments played by him. Reeds, brasses and strings are among them, and Monday evening, on the Colonial stage, Vasco played nearly al twenty minutes.
He darts from one instrument to the other, a medley having been arranged to cover all, with scarcely a break. Not alone does Vasco play each in a manner to indicate his ability, but finds time to inject comedy and acrobatics. For a finis, he draws music from sleigh bells with his feet while lying prostrate on the floor, playing a piccolo at the moment. He also conducts the orchestra in the several selections.
His hands, eyes or head are employed, and the humor is neatly placed, bringing laughs.
Vasco has handed New York novelty in the musical line, and New York will appreciate it.
Variety 4:2 (04/13/1907)