The Halfback Tavern

Mr. Vokes makes an entrance via a dog house set upon the stage. There is a young girl in the act named Maud Dunn. She has two changes of costume, besides the same number of songs, and does a neat little dance.
When a joke is told by herself she remarks "Think it over," which is an insinuation that there is a funny point somwhere."
A dance by the four people concerned is the finish
If Mr. Vokes will go ver the act, come on earlier himself, revise the talk somewhat ad eliminate that objectionable and nasty piece of business of discovering a "nickel" on the floor, which several burlesque companies this season have found to be beneath their standard of cleanliness, "The Halfback Tavern will develop into a good laughing act, of value to himself and vaudeville.
Variety 1:1 (05/01/1907)