The Golden Girl

The piece is the work of Will Hough, Frank Adams and Jos. E. Howard. The principle role is handled by Winona Winter, with Harold Crane and Harry Tighe accompanying. Wm. Robinson and Johnny Fogerty, as well as Helen Cullian, James Bradbury, Hamilton Coleman and Joseph Herbert Jr. also star. Music includes "I Think I Hear a Woodpecker Knocking on My Family Tree." "Don't Forget the Girl You Left Behind," and "The l^ind of Used-to Be" are tuneful. So is "Wine, Woman and Song," an allegorical arrangement. "The Golden Transformation" instrumental conception is probably the best effort at orchestration heard in the La Salle for a long time.
Wm. Robinson is most amusing at times as the maniac, and scored with a laughing song. Johnny Fogarty played the pirate "Cissy" well, and brought much laughter.
"The Golden Girl" is a revelation of glittering magnificence.
Variety 14:2 (03/20/1909)