Beatrice Ingram

“The Duchess”. This is a real play in one act containing splendid material, and new, Miss Ingram thoroughly capable and ably supported. As the action progresses there occurs to your mind Rose Stahl in “The Chorus Lady” and Miss Ingram in “The Duchess” does not suffer by comparison. Just as big a hit today as was Rose Stahl when she played here.

Dunbar’s Goat Circus

The goat that plays the part of clown comedian is clever and the act is good to open any show. Full stage.

Warren, Lyon and Meyers

“A Little of Everything”. Singing, dancing, comedy lines, some good business, and altogether a good act. Full stage, closing in one.

Minnie St. Claire

I should say this offering is almost identical with that of Lotta Gladstone, just as good, no better, no worse, with the difference that Miss St. Claire uses none of Miss Gladstone’s material. In one.

MacRae and Levering

Two men in a bicycle act. One man doing the straight work and the other a comedian doing some good work on freak wheels. Pleased in this position. Full stage.

Jones & Deeley

“Hotel St. Reckless.” A black-face comedy act which went big. 15 minutes.

Leonard & Whitney

“Duffy’s Rise.” A rough Irish comedy act which was a scream. 18 minutes.

J.C. Nugent & Co.

“The Squarer.” C.D. in 3. A comedy act which went very big. Can open in one. 23 minutes.

Russell & Held

12 minutes in fancy. Man a good dancer. Woman excess.

S. & G. Auers

Acrobats and rag pictures. A fair act. Palace in 3. 12 minutes.