The Germ of Love

Contained in a small phial, a single woman (Aida Woolcott) is imbued with and irresistible desire to test it upon an unmarried man. From her apartment windows she notices on the opposite side of the street, a stylishly dressed young fellow who has been giving her balcony several “mash” looks. Finally deciding to risk the hazard of a chance meeting and not being adverse to his acquaintance, she directs the janitor to call him up. Upon arrival, the person underneath the high silk that turns out to be a genteel “tough” who is advertising a tailor by wearing clothes on probation. While the tailor appreciates the value of his advertising medium as to face and figure, he does not trust him otherwise, and has engaged a private detective to “trail” the advertiser. The detective's duties are to see that the object of his vigil does not make away with the clothes or lounge in his travels through the streets. He is no sooner made welcome in the young woman's apartments than his watcher appears, and demands tat he either keep on walking or deliver up the clothes. D
The finale used on Tuessday evening is only one of many Mr. McCarthy is “trying out” this week, and will probably not be the one finally decided upon. There are plenty of laughs and the sketch was liked. A number of bright lines, and Mr. McCarthy's good performance did the most for it. There are also some ather old lines intoduced in the form of “gags” which might be taken out; also a happy change could be made in the names of the characters.
Variety 5:3 (05/18/1907)