“The Cow Puncher”

The program does not disclose the author of the production, which is just as well. One day the West will surely rise and take exception to the inaccurate caricatures of it.
There is seemingly no reason for the title as there are no cow punchers in it. Of the seven men in the cast, all but one are gamblers, and he is a horse thief. He stole a horse to ride to the doctor to minister for his sick child. The "gang from the gulch" are going to make him pay for the missing horse. The sheriff rides ahead of the gang to warn the thief. Both the sheriff and thief loved the same girl, the thief being the lucky suitor, so he wishes to save her husband for old time's sake (the girl had been dead for years but it made no difference). As the gang arrives the baby dies. The father is saved because the gang will not lynch him in the presence of death. The principal work is left to Norman D. Phillips and James Vincent, neither of whom accomplish anything special.
Variety 21:13 (03/04/1911)