The greater part of what he is doing consists in tearing around the stage lest his tricks drag, and spending a great deal of time on Ten Ichi's "thumb" trick. Sears works this poorly, although from the rear of the house the effect is probably better than at close range. A number of illusions have boon made into a continuous combination effect for the finale, with a couple of glaring openings through which the substitutions expose themselves.
Four or five assistants are in the act, and Sears has a presentable appearance, but he must perforce lay out an act that is more catchy. Now he is attempting to follow Horace Goldin without that artist's style or golden silence, and is too much dependent upon Ten Ichi's second feature. The opening illusion, seemingly Sears' own, is his best, but receives little applause.
Variety 8:3 (08/17/1907)