Roatine, Brenhan and Company

Presenting “Trixie and the Amateur.” Scene, dressing room. Two women and a man. Two girls one an old timer and the other a newcomer are talking about the show business. The newcomer has dreams of being a star and the old timed tries to discourage her. Seeing she can’t, the old timer decides to get the new girl a chance after the stage manager enters and tells the new one she loses her chance as the girl whose place she was to fill has suddenly returned. The old timer act [sic] as thought she is under the influence of liquor and gets discharged. The new girl is then given the chance and as the curtain goes down the old timer walks off to the street. The act just got by in this spot. F.S. Time of act 18 min. This same set was played here by Eleanor Otis and Company.
University of Iowa, Keith Albee Vaudeville Collection, Manager Reports, 9 September 1912 – 24 February 1913.