a great many times and he has never failed to make good. He is undoubtedly the best comedy juggler in the business.

Harry Atkinson

Olio. 13 minutes. Monologue of Nursery Rhymes, introducing his imitations of Musical Instruments. Mr. Atkinson is undoubtedly the best in his line. He is going very well in this place on the bill.

Henry Woodruff & Co.

Interior, full stage. 24 minutes. In “A Regular Business Man.” A very good sketch. Mr. Woodruff is a very good actor. The Company is fair. The salary entirely too high. I am sure that Mr. Woodruff is not strong enough named to headline a Pittsburgh bill.

Cecelia Loftus

Open full stage. Interior, closing full stage. Special. 25 minutes. During our time in vaudeville we have many acts that have been overpaid and which did not make good, but without any doubt Miss Cecelia Loftus has been the biggest failure we have every played. Her imitations were very unlike the originals. If she had been anyone else but Cecelia Loftus I am sure we would have closed her. I really cannot account for her bad performances with us. She seemed to be trying and apparently in the best of health.

Bradshaw Bros.

Full stage. Garden. 8 minutes. Comic flexible athletes. A very good comedy contortion act. Owing to the arrangement of our bills we were forced to put them on to open the show. I think they are good enough for any place on the bill.

In the Barracks

Special. 37 minutes. A Military Operetta – another of Lasky’s acts. With some of the dialect omitted from this act, I would consider it among Lasky’s best. Miles McCarthy, in my opinion, is a very bad actor. The production, costumes and company generally are very good.

Conlin, Steel and Carr

Olio in one. 17 minutes. “The Follies of Vaudeville.” Singing, chattering and comedy piano playing. A very good act of its kind, particularly the pranks of Mr. Conlin at the piano. He is a good comedian and the act gets by with a merry breeze.

The Ed. De Corsua and Co.

Work is full stage. Special scenery. Western sketch entitled “Red Ike” 15 minutes. As one number was ill the act was not seen as it’s best. Act closed after matinee owing to this illness being too serious to allow them to work. Went fair.

Elsa Ruegger

Lady cellist. No doubt the best performer upon this instrument and also as good a musical offering as we have presented. I want to say that Miss Ruegger is a drawing card in herself; she is well known to all musical people through her connection as soloist with the Boston Symphony, New York Philharmonic and the Chicago Thomas Orchestra, as well as having appeared in recitals in almost all of the cities. The large sprinkling of musical people in evidence this afternoon showed that drew her share of the big audience. 14 min in two. Can work in one.

Madge Maitland

Singing comedienne. This lady started in rather quietly and I was afraid for a time that she was not going to do very well; the last half of her act picked up, however, and she closed in good style, although not the big hit she has been credited in other cities. 14 min in one.